Forest Room

The Forest room is where a lot of care takes place. The entrance has a space where the children hang their jackets and store their personal belongings. There is a small 1950's style snack prep area with a fridge, and microwave. The kitchen table for kids fits up to 7 children with mini chairs. I provide a highchair for the child who may require one. The Forest room is where the children can create, learn and play. There is a variety of activities for the children during the day; art, play dough, games, a play kitchen, dress up, puzzles, and books. There are appropriate toys for children of all ages and stages. In the morning and the afternoon there is a short circle time. Circle time brings the group together and provides time to learn, sing, listen and reflect about our day.

Road Room

Road Room Our unique "Road Room" is designed with "town" flooring. Exploring with the wooden trains, tracks and train accessories adds fun to the "town". The children can play cars on the floor, exploring the different roads. Neat features in the "town" are: a fire station, football stadium, gas station, diner, school and a playground. During quiet time the road room is utilized as a quiet space during rest time.