"Theatre is life, Film is art, TV is furniture" I firmly believe in fine arts for my children. I believe that PLAY is a way to expand children's love for the arts & nature. Dress up is a wonderful tool for creativity. During free play the children are welcome to utilize dress up & create artwork. Art creations are often brought outside to continue with play outdoors. An annual trip to the Chemainus Theatre to view the latest KIDZ play is also part of our program. A set from the Chemainus Theatre " fiddler on the roof" ,can be found in the forest as a back drop among the trees.

Art Time

I provide creative time for each child. A theme is often intertwined into our artwork. When we learn something outdoors that concept may become a subject for our next project. When the weather is nice you may find us outdoors working on artwork or collecting ideas. My goal is to guide children about our community through art development. Our local murals and artists who resign among us are gifts. A featured community artist may come for "show and tell". Ideas that can be utilized: leaf etchings, grass stain pictures, free art time, shapes and recycling.


I often listen to music during our free play time. I will play music from various genres. When music is played some kids dance and some kids continue to play. During circle time the children will learn quiet and action songs. I may play guitar and share other instruments as a part of music time. Discussions and thoughts about music will be shared. The children are welcome to bring music from home to share with their friends.