Play Time

Fresh air is divine! I walk the children to and from school. I provide 3-4 hours of outdoor play daily. There is a fenced and safe yard. A garden is grown for snacks and flowers in the spring and summer. We take daily neighborhood walks to the local beach, parks or trails. The children enjoy playing with the huge sandbox,mud play kitchen,fairy doors, backyard forest,sensory bins,buried treasure, dinosaurs, sidewalk chalk, dump trucks, and other cool ride on outdoor toys. It is amazing the diverse conversations, debates, problem solving skills and friendships that can take place in a sandbox. On rainy days we often make mud and splash in puddles.

Rest Time

Quiet time allows time for rest and calm. Setting aside rest time during the day gives the children a break from the routine. It is also important for me as a caregiver to pause, reflex and rejuvenate. I have a scheduled quiet time for 1-2 hours during the day. However, if your child requires more sleep, there is a quiet space to rest. As, a lisenced Island Health facility I do safety checks every 15 minutes during quiet time to ensure your child is safe.Provided for quiet time is a crib, mini cots,bedding and stuffied animals. For those children that do not require a nap, during quiet time, there are puzzles, books, or a short movie time.

Circle Time

Circle time is when we gather together and read, listen, learn & imagine. At circle time children will learn letters, have sound time and phonics. At Yellow Submarine PLAY is more of our focus as opposed to academics.